Speech Pathology

Paediatric Speech Pathology has been operating in the western suburbs of Melbourne since 2009. We offer clinic-based services as well as liaising with schools and kindergartens for children with a range of needs.

Speech pathology is a service that specialises in the diagnoses and treatment of communication disorders. This may manifest as difficulties with speaking, understanding, reading, social skills, fluency and appropriate use of voice.


We provide assessments for the purposes of diagnosis, school funding applications, NDIS funding applications and general therapy goal setting. We offer an assessment in the areas of:
• Speech sounds and articulation
• Fluency of Speech
• Receptive Language
• Expressive Language
• Literacy and Phonological Awareness
• Social skills
• Play

Individual therapy sessions

Individual therapy sessions are our most common form of intervention. We tailor goals based on the outcome of the formal assessment as well as the input of the parent, specialist, teacher as well as other allied health therapist. The way intervention is delivered is largely centred around the child’s interest and motivators.

School or Kindergarten liaison

We strive to deliver client-centred care and ensure that all our clients are reaching their best potential in a range of settings. Where appropriate our therapists may deliver intervention at school/kinder as well as educating school/kinder staff as to how they be involved in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Social Skills Group Therapy

When a child has reached most of their language goals in a one on one setting, the therapist may think it is appropriate for them to generalise this goal in a controlled group setting. This is where we practice greetings, staying on topic, showing interest in other people’s interests etc. Social skills are a great way of practicing peer to peer interactions with a therapist present.