Occupational Therapy

Connect the dOTs have been operating in the western suburbs of Melbourne since 2014. Our service is primarily clinic- based service but we also provide outreach services to school, kinder, childcare and home.

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) work with children to help them with their ‘occupations’ or activities that children perform in their daily life. These areas include:
· Self-care (toileting, dressing eating)
· Fine motor (drawing, cutting, writing)
· Gross motor (riding a bike, climbing)
· Play
· Self-regulation (attention, concentration and emotions)


We provide assessments for a range of funding bodies (NDIS, school funding) and general therapy goals. We offer assessments in the areas of:

· Functional Assessments

· Self-Care

· Fine Motor Skills

· Play

· Sensory Processing

Individual therapy sessions

We use a family centred and goals-based approach which means therapy is specific and targeted to improve your child’s level of performance in everyday activities. We collaborate with the parent, specialists, teachers, educators as well as other allied health therapists in order to achieve your child’s goals.

Home, School and Kinder based therapy

We deliver holistic client-centred care and ensure that your child is reaching their goals in a range of settings. We are experienced in working with educators and strive to get the best outcomes for your child.