Our services

Our services

The Kids’ Care Collective is a team of Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists who work together in a way that best supports the child and their carer. The majority of our caseload are children under the age of 12 years.

We are an Evidence-Based practice…..

This means we are always ensuring our staff have the latest knowledge on Early Childhood Intervention. We keep up to date with research and articles. As a result, our resources are current, and our approach is fresh; even if you have been working with the same therapist for years. If you are a part of our Newsletter loop you will see that we share this information with our families and ensure our communication is open and current.

We are a Family-Centred Practice….

This means that we work alongside the families of the child to set and prioritise goals. After an assessment we develop Family Support Plans, which are an agreement between the therapist and the child stating what goals we are working on and which order. We try to involve the family in using intervention strategies in everyday routines, increasing the family’s capacity to improve the outcome of therapy. One day per fortnight of therapy with a clinician is a lot less effective than therapy being implemented into the child’s everyday life.

We are an Inclusive practice…..

We acknowledge that not all children can benefit from a 1:1 clinic environment. We can work collaboratively with the child’s school and/or childcare setting, to increase the knowledge and capacity of those who work with the child. This helps the child become immersed in strategies and visuals that will help promote their development.

Connect the dOTs have been operating in the western suburbs of Melbourne since 2014. Our service is primarily clinic- based service but we also provide outreach services to school, kinder, childcare and home. (more…)

Paediatric Speech Pathology has been operating in the western suburbs of Melbourne since 2009. We offer clinic-based services as well as liaising with schools and kindergartens for children with a range of needs. (more…)

Psychology at Kids’ Care Collective provides psychological services and support to young people, and their families across the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Services are provided within the clinic and home settings, as well as liaising with schools and kindergartens.


We work Collaboratively …

Most of our children do not just come to us with one area of delay. Most delays have an impact on other areas of a child’s development, resulting in a child who may need the supports of multiple therapists. Although we have a multidisciplinary team at KCC, we also work with therapists from other organisations, sharing our knowledge, goals, and approaches to increase the effectiveness of intervention. In our spare time, we do a lot of trainings and participate in reflective practice as a multidisciplinary team; this helps each discipline gain insight about the other; as well as look at the child holistically.

We have an Outcomes-Based approach….

This means we are very strong on our WHY. Everything we do, needs to be explained and have a purpose. This starts from the initial session when we assess or screen your child; we measure your child’s responses or behaviours against the norm/expected for their age. This is where our goals are developed, in a very measurable and specific way. Although a lot of our intervention looks like play, each game or activity masks a targeted response or behaviour. As your child’s participation in the session improves, we can say they have met their goal or reached the outcome.