Our Team

Director/Occupational Therapist/Clinical Supervisor Alex Chinner

Alex Chinner

Alex has a Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy (hons) and has a wide variety of experience working with children in home, clinic, childcare, kindergarten and school settings. Alex has a wealth of knowledge in developmental milestones, therapy and assessments.
Alex is passionate about high quality allied health practice and enjoys teaching children and parents through play.

Director/ Speech Pathologist/ Clinical Supervisor Natalie Salib

Natalie Salib

Natalie completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2007 at La Trobe University Bundoora. Over the past 10 years, Natalie has worked in a broad range of paediatric settings including a multidisciplinary team within the Education Department, adopting the Key Worker model in Early Childhood Intervention as well as spent 10 years establishing and growing a thriving private practice.

Therapy Assistant/Provisional Psychologist Cassandra Nesci

Cassandra Nesci

Cassandra completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Psychology, and is now completing the Masters of Psychology at Australian Catholic University. Cassandra is passionate about working with children, their families and their educators within a multidisciplinary team.

She is passionate about providing early intervention in order to promote holistic wellbeing and enable a higher level of functioning within the home, school and social environments.

Speech Pathologist Marisa Tisocco

Marisa Tisocco

Marisa completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Speech Pathology in 2018. Marisa enjoys developing rapport with children as well as creating exciting and creative session plans around speech, language and fluency. Marisa enjoys visiting clients at school and kinder to ensure they are achieving their full potential in a range of settings.

Occupational Therapist Carla De Pasquale

Carla De Pasquale

Carla has a Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy (hons). Carla enjoys engaging children through play and recognises the importance of providing children with therapy that is both fun and innovative, to keep them engaged and motivated to achieve their goals. Carla also enjoys working with parents to provide them with the necessary support and education to nurture their child’s growth and development. Carla enjoys all aspects of Occupational Therapy, however, has a special interest in developing and enhancing children’s fine and gross motor skills, and building children’s confidence and overall self esteem.

Speech Pathologist Rachel Borazio

Rachel Borazio

Rachel completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Speech Pathology in 2019 but has also previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology. Rachel enjoys building meaningful relationships with her clients and working with children of varying capacities. Rachel is looking forward to working in partnership with her clients and their parents to help them achieve their goals.

Occupational Therapist Marina Youssef

Marina Youssef

Marina has a Bachelor in health Science and Masters in Occupational Therapy degree and enjoys helping children develop their handwriting and motor planning skills and regulate their emotions. Marina learns more about children by visiting schools, kindergarten and childcare centres to complete observations and provide intervention when needed.

Marina is passionate about working with children, their families and teachers to promote participation and engagement in every day activities at home, kinder and school settings.

Occupational Therapist Arlyn Nini

Arlyn Nini

Arlyn completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice degree in 2017. Arlyn has gained experience in community health, working with children and adolescents of a range of diagnoses to help them reach their goals and be able to fully participate in their daily activities in a creative, fun and flexible manner. Arlyn has special interests in early childhood development, motor skill development, sensory processing and regulation.

Speech Pathologist Renee Toscas

Renee Toscas

Renee graduated from La Trobe University in 2020 with a Masters of Speech Pathology. Prior to this, Renee completed an undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Health Sciences. Renee enjoys working in a holistic manner with children from a range of backgrounds to assist them to reach their communication goals. Renee is passionate about empowering the families she works with and creates a supportive environment for them. Renee’s areas of interest include autism, social skill development, literacy, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and speech sound disorders.

Speech Pathologist Durandara (Didi) Perera

Durandara (Didi) Perera

Didi completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Speech Pathology in 2019. Didi is passionate about working with children to help achieve their goals. She has an interest in early intervention as well as literacy. Didi can speak Sinhalese and is happy to work with families in Sinhalese.