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With so many private practices looking for therapists to join their team, it is important to do your research and find out which practice best suits you as an individual. It is often best to ask the organisation which values they find most important, as their response could be the difference between you feeling valued and nourished in your personal growth and feeling overworked and unmotivated. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself or the organisation before you apply for a position on the team?

What does the clinic space look like?

Kids’ Care Collective operates in a fully resourced, newly renovated space with ample parking. Our clinic is warm, inviting, and colourful. We wanted to create a soft garden-like space that makes children, and their families feel calm and safe. We are so proud of this space that we have created, and our staff love coming to work and enjoying the many facilities available to them including:

As an Early Career therapist, how am I supported?

We understand how nerve wrecking it can be to think of taking on a full-time caseload on your own. We have supported many Early Career therapists onboard to being independent, critical thinking clinicians. Through this experience, we have developed a formal onboarding program which is phased over 100 days. As a part of this program, every Early Career therapist is given an Onboarding Workbook which allows them to consolidate their experiences, self-reflect and build confidence.
The Onboarding Program includes:

As an Experienced therapist, how can KCC continue to challenge me?

Feeling tired within a workplace is a very common situation to be in. You may feel like you have little motivation, you have hit a wall and you need some more direction. Be apart of a team that wants you to become your own leader and meet your potential. We encourage our team to find their passion and to explore different paths. Each person’s professional development looks unique and is tailored to their own set of learning needs and goals. As a team, we collectively have an amazing level of knowledge, tools, and resources. We often pull on everybody’s experiences when discussing a case, problem solving or thinking about how we can work purposefully. We have the following programs in place to help push each team member strive to their potential:

As an employee how am I valued?

Before anything, we value kindness. Our mentality and approach in the workplace much reflects the space we work in. We are warm, approachable and promote self-reflection and growth. Our organisation has embedded the following, giving us a chance to stop and acknowledge the individual people who make our team who it is:

What am I entitled to

As an employee of KCC, you will be entitled to:

What is most important to KCC?
To us, it’s simple: we are KIND, CHILD-FOCUSED and COLLABORATIVE